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"Oh, what a waste of a hurricane. 

Take a look at this place, its just a little wind and rain.

No hailstones, no sunken homes, no wall of mud, no thousand year flood.

Oh, what a waste of an apocalypse.

Take a look at your face, I thought there’d be more than this.

No voice of God, no ball of flames, and all we’ve got is still the same.

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No matter how old you are, when you pause Netflix and this face is what you see, you laugh. 

No matter how old you are, when you pause Netflix and this face is what you see, you laugh. 

perfect. he’s so perfect. 

perfect. he’s so perfect. 

Kevin Smith, This Man Gets Me.

"You want to feel about your art the way you feel about, like, that chick in high school, or that dude in college. Or, that person that you met who took your breath away. The person that, like, separated you from your friends. Not intentionally in a Yoko Ono kind of way… But just kind of like, ‘Oh my god, this person’s fascinating,’ like, for me it was a chick. Like, ‘Oh my god, everything she says is amazing. I don’t want to hang out with my friends, I’d rather hang out with her.’ So you push your friends over for a little bit, like, ‘You wanna go out?’ You’re like, ‘No, I’m gonna hang out with this chick. She’s fucking amazing.’ And she enlightens you. She teaches you things. She’s fucking beautiful, and she’s sexy, and she fucks like the demon. You know, she’s everything you dream about, and she’s interested in you for some reason. She’s turned the fucking sun onto you, for some unknown reason. You don’t ever want to let that go, man. Because once you’ve stood in the light of the sun, shit, you never want the moon and shit. You work hard to stay around her and you love being around that, and you do things together. She’s the kind of broad, that she’s like- you’re like, ‘Hey man, you wanna go to Denny’s?’ She’s like, ‘Fuck yeah! I love Moons over Mi-Ham-i.’ You know? And you’re like ‘AHHHHHHHH, I got one of the good ones!’ And you’re sitting there in fucking Denny’s, eating across from one another splitting, like a ‘Moons over Mi-Ham-I’ and she’s like rubbing your leg from under your table, and you look up at her and she’s looking at you with those eyes- those bedroom eyes. And you know that fucking expression. You’re just like ‘What?’ And she’s like ‘Let’s go fuck in the bathroom.’ And you’re like ‘We can’t go fuck in the bathroom, man. There are people here. The old couple’s looking at us. The waitress is gonna think we’re gonna dine and ditch.’ She’s like, ‘I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna go in the bathroom and I’m gonna wait to get fucked. I hope it’s you.’ And off she goes, man, to the bathroom. You’re like, ‘W-W-W-W-‘ and you’re fucking looking around, and you’re scared, and you’re heart’s fucking racing, and you look at the old couple who’s sitting there enjoying the fucking early bird special. And the lady, the woman- older woman-60, 70 maybe- is looking at you, and just, like, so disapprovingly. And her husband is like, ‘GOOOOO.’ So, you get the fuck up and you GO to the fucking bathroom, man, and you look, and you hope, ‘Maybe she’s in the men’s.’ But, no, she’s gonna make you work for it. And so you go in the ladies’ bathroom, man, and you go in the stall, and there she is. And you fucking lock the door and got a foot under the stall to kinda hold the bathroom door closed. And you start fucking hardcore in the Denny’s bathroom right against the toilet wall, man. Foot goes in the fucking bowl. She hits the flusher, n shit. She’s loud in Denny’s, you know. Everybody fucking knows what’s going on and you are fucking the shit out of her in a Denny’s bathroom- And THAT’S how you have to feel about your art, man." Kevin Smith. 

Words still can’t express how amazing the cast of this show was. —I’d marry them all.  

Words still can’t express how amazing the cast of this show was. 
—I’d marry them all.